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Same dishes, different day - Homicidal Firestarter! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Same dishes, different day [Mar. 3rd, 2013|02:22 am]
[Current Location |United States, Michigan, Royal Oak]
[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |In This Moment; Whore]

I figured after rediscovering my live journal yet again, I'd start keeping a daily journal or at least something close to it. Most the people I know on here, if not all, stopped posting on here long ago so this would mostly be for myself.
Today was the same as many others, I went to work with hardly any sleep as I often do on weekends (Friday through Sunday). Had a busy day at work with little to nothing being interesting or eventful. I came home and Ruby watched the TMNT movie, though I don't think she payed it much attention. I was surprised, she loved the first two, but she was distracted by her drawing book which I totally understand. Even to this day when I'm in the mood to draw, nothing can tear me away from it! lol
The wife and I had a nice relaxing evening, I listened to music well Kim read. We even had us some saucy alone time but got spooked thinking Kevin would come home and catch us going at it in the den so we moved to less public areas. lol I followed that by cooking garlic herb shrimp! It was most tasty! Then Kim went to bed and Kevin and I got to chatting as he'd come home around the time I made the shrimp.

Yesterday and today Kim and I were talking about whats going to happen with Kevin. He and I have lived together for about 3-4 years now and he's my best friend, my brother even but Kim and I both wonder if he's even going to move out. Kim and I talk about wanting a dog and I told her I want to wait till Kevin moves out and the first thing she said to me is "I don't think he's ever going to move out." and now I wonder that myself. I love him and I like living with him, but he's single, 30, working at home depot with no aspect on his future, he plans on going back to school for science, but thats no plan on moving out, it's almost as though he's going back to school just for giggles, no real plan.
Now I'm not doing much better myself really, but Kim and I together can afford our house, car and properly take care of Ruby. Kevin can't do any of these things on his own right now. I honestly with there was something I could do for him to help him, not that I want him to leave, I guess I just wish he were able to take care of himself right now. If we lost this house for some reason, he'd be forced to go back to his parents place and I wonder if he'd live long after that. He may not admit it, but he's very prideful and that would honestly kill him.

As I said above, even with being able to afford this place on my own I still loath what I do. I mostly do dishes at my job, now it's easy and I love the fact that I get to talk to my rather interesting co-workers and listen to my own music all day, my hair can be as long as I want, as well as my beard and I get to wear what I want without problem. But is all this worth a shitty $9 an hour? I keep talking about wanting to go back to school for Law Enforcement. I LOVE weapons, I shoot archery twice a week, I've done knife throwing, axe throwing and even practice kendo (asian sword fighting) and some kick boxing. I am infatuated with the idea of the ancient warrior and want to be the modern equivalent. But I do truly fear how good of an officer I'd be. I fear being a coward. I want to face criminals, but at the same time fear harm to myself. But I think with proper training I'd do well. I've been told countless times that people think I'd do well as an officer, I'm honest and honorable, wise far beyond my years.

So maybe with this journal, I can start keeping up with the other things I've been meaning to do on a regular basis, such as working out and getting my college set up. So tomorrow, lets see if I remember to go work out. Hell, we have free weights, a weight bench and a boxing bag in the basement! I've also been talking about teaching Ruby what I know too, she should know how to defend herself but with discipline of course!

Well, I need to be asleep in the next 10 minutes if I want to get at least 6 hours of sleep, as normal per the weekend!

Night all!


PS: I'd like to add that I've recently (the past year or so) gotten into Norse mythology and they had a set of 9 guidelines, "The nine noble virtues" These were "courage, discipline, fidelity, honor, hospitality, industriousness, perseverance, self reliance and truth. They were more like commandments, but as I'm not religious, I find them to be guidlines and I think it'd be wise to follow them. The main two that I'm trying very hard to keep as close to as possible are Industriousness and Truth, these two I often lack in and need to work hard on. The rest I tend to do rather well in and shall keep to it!