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5 years! - Homicidal Firestarter! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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5 years! [Feb. 24th, 2013|03:41 am]
[Current Location |United States, Michigan, Royal Oak]
[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |Billie Holiday]

Last time I posted in this was after Katy and I broke up in 07' and I started hanging out with Kevin again! Lets see, later that year I got my GED and started college, was working a land scaping job with a crazy hippie named Ron. But that job was only seasonal, so eventually I was laid off and I failed my two classes at school, I dropped one and failed the other, but paid my parents for it. They then said I needed a job by new years or they were going to kick me out. Well, I'd found a job but it didn't start till Jan.7th of 09', they said that wasn't good enough and I needed to move out. My brother was kind enough to take me in, I lived with him for about 3 months till his psycho girl friend cheated on him and moved out, I had no job, my phone had died, we had no internet and I knew no one in the area, leaving me along for about 20 hours of the day. I dropped into a horrible depression, I tried to contact my parents to see if they'd be willing to bring me my old phone since the one I'd had was dying. I used the last tiny bit of change to call them and they blew me off. When they finally did get a hold of me they seemed annoyed that I'd even call them, but I did finally get that phone which helped a lot! I couldn't take the isolation much longer.
So about April of 09' I moved in with my friends Jessy and Leigh, which wasn't to bad at first, but Jessy treated me like his bitch, yelling and scream over nothing! I also didn't have a full room. I had a corner of the basement and his kids play room was just outside of my room, which at noon he'd allow them to start playing even if I wasn't up yet. Now during this time, I'd been dating a girl named Andrea about the time I started college. She was good to me in that year, but she was lazy and refused to do anything with her life and still to this day doesn't do anything. I ended up meeting a girl named Brianna, she was young (18 and I was 25) and had a car, a job and was going to college. So I asked myself "why wasn't I with someone like that?" and ended up breaking up with Andrea. Brianna ended up being flaky as you'd expect out of an 18 year old. So I moved on, I spent the next six months or so going through one night stands and crazy psycho girlfriends. I met a girl named Allison, she was fine at first but turned out to be raciest, which I'm not cool with and her best friend was the only other person she'd ever slept with and he was going crazy wanting her and it ended up she lied to me about going someone with him when she said she wasn't. So after breaking up with her I started seeing Brianna again and Allison started dating her best friend that we'd had problems with and they started telling lies about us that broke Brianna up. She even said I gave Allison an STD, how nice. When I went to go get myself checked out, the nurse said to talk to her and make sure she was lying, because if she wasn't to find out what it was because there are things they can't check for. Well I turned up clean and Allison claimed she never said the STD thing which is bullshit.
So after Brianna and I broke up I met a girl named Vera. Now, I love mythology and at the time greek mythology was my obsession and she was Macedonian (country just north of greece) and I thought I'd found my soul mate. I'd told her I'd take it slow and respect her and the first night we hung out, she almost couldn't keep her hands off of me and the next day she was naked with in 5 minutes! lol The creeper part, she'd told me she doesn't sleep with anyone she isn't dating and after we slept together the first thing she said to me was "Well, I guess we're dating now". Yeah, this should have been a warning to me. Her ex husband ended up looking me up on facebook, she was freaked and broke up with me, we'd fight, have make up sex and we'd date for two weeks till it happened again and again. Finally, just before new years of 09', I told her I couldn't do it again and we stayed broken up.
About that time I'd meet another girl on the same site I'd met many of the girls I'd hooked up with on, a site called Detroit Gothic.net. I met a woman named Kim. At the time I thought she was just cute, so I messaged her and after a week or so she finally messaged me back. We talked on the phone and really connected. At this point I was not interested in a relationship after all the crazy relationships I'd had over the past year. So we met in person for the first time at Necto, a goth club in Ann Arbor. I was truly intimidated by her sexually, she was as tall as me but in 6 inch heels! She had been a dancer for years and when I saw her dance for the first time I was left in awe! After the club we went to my friend Veronicas ex/gf's house, where we snugged and made out, it was rather romantic and sexy since we had gotten to watch a naked lesbian run through the house!
After that adventure I'd went to New York with my Dad for a few days, it was outstanding! I really had made something new of myself and liked my life, other then still living with Jessy and Leigh. Now Kevins life wasn't going so well at this time, when we'd started hanging out again in 07'-08', He'd broken up with his girl friend Jessica for his ex, Sherry. Sherry was tall, smart and beautiful, but lets not forget, addicted to heroin. I didn't know this at the time. One day they were almost 2 hours late to a dinner I'd made for them because they were out getting high and when I looked at Kevins eyes I could tell he was high, when I asked him about it he claimed he wasn't high and I believed him. I warned him that if I caught him doing that shit I'd hit him. A few months later, Sherry died. Kevin told me he was doing it and almost died of it himself. He went into a deep depression and about the time I'd met Allison, her best friend showed interest in him, I suggested he should sleep with her just to make himself feel better, even though this woman was mega psycho and totally unfuckable by any standard. Then she ended up shacking up with a girl named April (she comes into play later). So well I was in New York, Kevin calls me and I answer, rather annoyed saying "Dude, what? I'm in New York with my Dad right now" Kevin "Lila (The psycho bitch), said she's pregnant...!" *Pause* ...... Me: "OOOH!!!" at this point even my Dad wanted to know what was going on! lol Ends up she was lying, Kevin said April was his new girlfriend and that they should all meet, Lila never showed up and later said she had a miscarriage and when Kevin asked for medical evidence she freaked out on him.
After this things became pretty smooth sailing. Kevin, April and I all moved in together, April found a boyfriend and Kevin started dating his ex Jessica again, Kim and I started dating and all went well for about a year. The only issue we had was Aprils 10 year old son who would eat our food and get into our stuff. After that first year things got better and the boy got better. Then Halloween of 10' I asked Kim to marry me. Someone had asked me at one point if Kim and I were engaged and I hadn't even thought of it at the time and it got me thinking, I could see myself marrying her, unlike all my other ex's. I was so nervous I couldn't even get down on one knee. I'd bought her an old bronze ring with a ruby in it, but it was to large, she had to wear it on her index finger! lol Then as time went on April got worse, blaming Kevin and I for everything, she eventually moved her boyfriend in which we got along with him well but she just continued to get worse despite this.
My parents had just moved out of their house in Ferndale and to Royal Oak and their old house was just sitting empty due to the bank and my parents offered the house to us for a year, no rent. So we took the offer and hadn't spoken to April since.
After that life had been pretty smooth sailing! we spent about 14 months at the Ferndale house and they were amazing months. Kim and I were married in that house, we had a celtic hand fasting. My step daughter (4 at the time, now almost 6) Ruby moved in with us there. She the shinning light of my life, shes so much like me now it's almost scary.
Once our time was up at the Ferndale house I found out a family member wanted to rent out their parents old house, their parents are in their 90's and are in a home and they need to pay for the house, so we now have a 4 bed room house in Royal and we only pay utilities and property tax. We moved about 2 months ago and we just love it! Ruby's new school is amazing and the area is just great, we have a massive park behind our house where Ruby can play and a large garden and patio in the back, along with a car and a half garage.
That being said, I've never been so happy. It's not just the house or that we now have a car, it's the family, the life, the friends. I have an amazing life and I went through hell to get it. At one point I was even homeless and now I have a beautiful home and family. I show off my life to people with great pride! Not because I was someone to be jealous, but because I built this. I worked hard and this is what I now have because it.

Also, a good note is what happened to Katy. About the time Kevin and I moved in with April, we were hanging out with Katy and at this point Katy and I would sleep together from time to time whenever we were both single. I met Kim and was in a stable relationship and Kim had known mine and Katy's past, but trusted us as friends. During this time Katy started dating some douchebag named Brian, he looks like a skinny version of Murder Face from Dethklok! lol So he ends up knocking her up, he meets Kim and we'd gotten engaged and he tells Katy that he doesn't want her around me because I just want to steal her from him! She pregnant and I have a wife to be. Shes still with this crazy, controlling baby dad asshole. After Kim and I got married, Katy gave me a call to congratulate me and I told her I didn't want to talk to her unless Brian knew about it, I wouldn't have a hidden friendship with her. She said okay, she'd talk to him and get back to me. That was a year and a half ago. I've spoken to all her sisters and brothers since then, none of them can stand Brian. I know that he doesn't work, Katy works full time taking care of him and his other kids as well as their son. So thats what happened to Katy, she got a family but she had gotten a controlling asshole with it. Oh well. I can't force her to live smart.

That being said, I'm happy and I'd do it all over again knowing where I am now. I'm only 28 and still have a whole life to live.