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There are times in your life when you just need to lash out, pitty I… - Homicidal Firestarter! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 25th, 2005|02:30 am]
There are times in your life when you just need to lash out, pitty I have to much self control for that... Well, lets see here... Last I left off Katy and I were just starting to date, since then we've moved in together and at first were going to get an apartment but my mother got laid off so my parants offed there basement for a really cheap price since they needed the money, good deal. Katy and I have been wonderful since, we've had our 1 year a few weeks back and all is well...

But about 6 weeks ago Katy quit her job at Coney Island because of the bitch's that worked there... The only problem being is she has yet to find a job. I told her a few days ago that shes got two weeks to find a job otherwise she'll have to move back to her mothers because I can't support her... So what happends? My uncle/manager at that same Coney Island where I work fires me... Can't blame him, I was a good worker but a pain in the ass, but he could have picked a better time... So now, here I am, jobless and scared.

What made me write this is my need to let it out but more of my want for my friend Vanessa, in the past year or so most know that her and I had a falling out, at first do to both of us but then in the long run it was my fault from lack of trying. We'ed have a date and I'd cancel, no wonder we stopped talking. I've read shes moved in with her new boyfriend that most have said he's rather nice, I'm happy to hear that, I also heard shes back in school, that also being very good news. I too wanted to go back to school but I can't afford it now with out a job. It's just depressing to me that someone I once loved and knew so well is now so far away. This happend to me before with my old friend David Burns whom I went to Jr high and High school with.

Most people say change is good, and I've often found this to be very true, but I'm now finding change to also be harder then I can stand at times. I can remember when Sara was cute and ALMOST pure, now shes in Florida and often change make up her mind if she likes it here or there and he's into drugs a drinking... At first I wasn't happy with Vanessa's change but in the long run it seemed to be for the best, shes doing rather well now! :-) I don't know whats up with David though, I should find out sometime soon. Though my lacking of a car is a large problem aswell... Ahh well...

I hate writing so fragmented, I can never focus when I'm upset. The cool thing is, I know Mongolian BBQ want to hire me, just at the time when I applied they weren't offering enough, but now I need a job badly enough to take it, it's also a good place for me, I can cook and talk to people all day without having to catch orders. But there are other places around here that need people and I'm going to spend all day finding them if I have too and I'm taking Katy with me! So I guess for the few who care wish me luck and if you like E-mail me, I miss everyone a great deal and I'd love to hear from them... VANESSA! :-D


[User Picture]From: dark_angel667
2005-10-26 03:30 pm (UTC)
I'd try to get ahold of you but i dont know if you have a phone, when is a good time to stop by, what your e-mail address is, etc. yeah i've pretty much just not had a way. You have my number, and if not here it is 248-670-0745 you can call me anytime. Thats not a gurentee that ill answer at anytime but you can call me :D and i'll get back to you for sure. I hope things get better.
- Vanessa
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