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...Do I join?! - Homicidal Firestarter! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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...Do I join?! [Nov. 3rd, 2004|07:49 pm]
[mood |determined]
[music |...Nothingness...]

Well yesterday G-man called up Katy well we were doin' some John Kerry work, it was interesting, he endded up talking to me and everything. It's weird, he's living my dream by being in the Army and I'm livin' his by being with Katy... But after talking to him it's really made me want to join, even if with that fucking assface Bush in office. Why should I not go through with my dream just because of this fucker?!?! So I went in and talked with an Officer today, I just need to lose like 10Ibs or so and get my GED, I scored pretty well on that test they give you but my math was way low, so I just need to study in math and get my GED, then I should be good to go. I don't know how Katy feels about this really, she seems to support me but I know she doesn't want me to go... I dunno, I'm really falling for her, she means alot to me and don't want to hurt her but this is my dream! Your not suppost to let anything get in the way of your dreams, right? Ahh well, so right now I'm loading up with like 100Ib of stuff in my backpack and running like 1-2 miles through white hill with all this stuff so I can get in shape, I'm workin' out at Katys house, they have a weight bench and a punching bag. So if nothing else I'll atleast get into shape and have my GED. :-) Other then that lifes been pretty boring, I'm fucking pissed Bush won, makes me hate this country, the only time we've been attacked on our own land int he past 50 years was under his watch!!! How can people feel safe with him in office, he has almost no clue of whats really going on around him, he's just this horrable leader (I hate using the word "leader" anywhere near his name)! Poor Iraq is a total war zone and I fear joining just simply because I don't want to die in a war that was a total fuck up! Ahh well... I'm off to go do my running now.


Does anyone own an M16a2, M4a1, Car-15, Ar-15 or any form of M16 model that lives in Michigan, I'd like to learn how to take apart and rebuild and fire an M16 before I join, just so I know.

[User Picture]From: dark_angel667
2004-11-04 09:51 pm (UTC)
Where's my phone call bitch? i didnt wake up untill 10:30 cause i was waiting for you to call me, and then i figured 10:30 was too late to call your house because you never said when joe was comming home. I'm very dissapointed.
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