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Hello all! It's me again! lol Well it looks like I have a temp job… - Homicidal Firestarter! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 29th, 2004|08:17 pm]
Hello all! It's me again! lol Well it looks like I have a temp job doin' door to door John Kerry stuff, not to bad, $50 a day! Also my buddy Paul it suppost to get me a job at his work doin' wearhouse work, starts at like $14 an hour! So hopefully I'll be all happy and normal again! If nothing else theres a pizza place about a mile from my house thats lookin' for ast. Managers and Katy knows the Manager and he seemed very interested in me... Well besides all that Katy and I are doing well, shes still gettin' on my nerves a little from seeing her so much but were cuttin' down on time together, trying to be a little more normal! lol I'm about to head out to her house and meet up with two of her friends (Jamie and Katy, Jamies this guy who has the Super 9 sniper rifle hes gonna let me use!) and were gonna go out airsofting! I can't wait to use that rifle, I wanted Mark to spot targets for me but he's not doin' tonight... Pitty... Katys not feelin' to well, earlier today she didn't think she was gonna go but now see says she feels up to it. I hope shes alright, I'd ask her to spot for me but she likes bein' on her own and such and I have a feeling she might not be up to that tonight. Yeah, Umm, tomorrow Katy and I are throwing a party at her friend Kathys house, I'm gonna call up as many friends as I can, though on such short notice I doubt that many people will show up... Ahh well, it should be fun... Well speaking of fun, I'm off to go test out most of my sniping skills.

Edward The Great! lol